Development of low-cost high-frequency data acquisition system for energy harvesting applications

Development of low-cost high-frequency data acquisition system for energy harvesting applications

Rafał Mech, Oleksandr Ivanov, Przemysław Wiewiórski, Bianka Kowalska

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Abstract. The presented work describes a method in which, using a dedicated system, it is possible to simultaneously transfer energy and data between two devices. The proposed solution allows for supplying power to the sensor with simultaneous data transmission. The power transmission mechanism is based on the excitation of the structure with a wave, which is converted into electricity by a harvester device. Data transmission is carried out using the Double Frequency F2F procedure, which is a type of frequency modulation.

Smart Materials, Magnetostriction, Terfenol-D, Wireless Sensors, Ultrasonic System

Published online , 8 pages
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Citation: Rafał Mech, Oleksandr Ivanov, Przemysław Wiewiórski, Bianka Kowalska, Development of low-cost high-frequency data acquisition system for energy harvesting applications, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 30, pp 83-90, 2023


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