Determination of the forming limit curve of locally annealed aluminum blanks

Determination of the forming limit curve of locally annealed aluminum blanks

PICCININNI Antonio, LATTANZI Attilio, ROSSI Marco, PALUMBO Gianfranco

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Abstract. The research of innovative manufacturing routes to improve the complexity of structural Aluminum (Al) components and reduce the vehicles’ weight remains an open question. The adoption of short-term heat treatments to obtain an optimized distribution of properties has shown great potential in enhancing the formability of Al alloys at room temperature. Such a complex approach needs the implementation of methodologies based on numerical simulations able to correctly simulate the forming process. Accordingly, the definition of a proper identification procedure to provide reliable constitutive parameters, possibly employing a limited number of tests, becomes crucial. In this work, we introduce a novel methodology for the evaluation of the Forming Limit Curve (FLC) of laser annealed AA5752-H32 sheet based on the material information from different heterogeneous tests carried out in specific tribological condition, i.e. in absence of friction. Therefore, we investigate an experimental procedure to simultaneously generate an equi-biaxial mechanical state over a wide range of annealing conditions by means of hydraulic bulge test. The results are integrated with full-field data from uniaxial tensile and plane strain tests to provide a testing protocol for the characterization of the failure behavior accounting for the different temperature/time conditions of the sheet metal.

Laser Heat Treatment, Aluminum Alloy, FEM, FLC, Bulge Test

Published online 4/19/2023, 11 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: PICCININNI Antonio, LATTANZI Attilio, ROSSI Marco, PALUMBO Gianfranco, Determination of the forming limit curve of locally annealed aluminum blanks, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 28, pp 855-865, 2023


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