Analysis of the relationship between the properties of selected materials and the parameters of the EDD process

Analysis of the relationship between the properties of selected materials and the parameters of the EDD process


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Abstract. The thermophysical properties of the electrodes material significantly impact performance of the electrical discharge machining (EDM). The aim of this article was to investigate the influence of thermophysical properties of selected materials on the EDM process. The effect of the thermophysical properties of these materials on process efficiency factors (material removal rate, linear tool wear) and hole geometry (aspect ratio, radial overcut) was analyzed. The results showed that selected thermophysical properties of the workpiece, such as thermal conductivity, melting point, have the most significant impact on the electro-erosion process. Optimal result parameters (material removal rate: 2.58 mm3/min, linear tool wear: 4.95 mm, aspect ratio: 8.00, radial overcut: 0.046 mm) and no presence of “bottom cone” were obtained for EDM drilling in Inconel 718 and similarly for AISI 1045 steel. On the other end were high resistance alloys such as tungsten carbide and copper alloy.

Electrical Discharge Drilling (EDD), Micro-Hole, Difficult-To-Cut Material

Published online 4/19/2023, 12 pages
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Citation: TRAJER Marcin, CZESZKIEWICZ Adrian, MACHNO Magdalena, Analysis of the relationship between the properties of selected materials and the parameters of the EDD process, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 28, pp 1747-1758, 2023


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