Design of a user-friendly human machine interface for jet electrochemical machining

Design of a user-friendly human machine interface for jet electrochemical machining


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Abstract. Electrochemical machining with a closed free jet (Jet-ECM) is a flexible ablating manufacturing technology. With this manufacturing technology, surface structures in the micrometer range can be generated without tool wear occurring. Until now, the technology has mainly been developed in research institutions. Therefore, the aspect of a user-friendly human machine interface has not been in the focus of the machine tool design. The aspect of a user-friendly human machine interface was considered in the construction and development of a new Jet-ECM prototype system at the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg (OVGU). The prototype system is intended for teaching and research purposes. Users, who will operate the prototype system, have different knowledge of the Jet-ECM process and machine control. Therefore, it was necessary to develop a user-friendly interface, that is easy to learn and easy to use.In the present study, the procedure for creating a user-friendly human-machine interface will be introduced, and the resulting design will be explained. The design was developed according to established design guidelines for machine systems and can also serve as a template for industrial operation. To arrange the operating elements ergonomically and according to the material, energy and information flow, a suitable mask layout was developed. Furthermore, the user interface is suitable for future expansion. Based on the realised user interface, the main components of the Jet-ECM prototype system can be controlled, various process functions can be executed, and different process variables can be analysed.

Human Machine Interface, Jet-ECM

Published online 4/19/2023, 10 pages
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Citation: DAMM Philipp, MEICHSNER Gunnar, LEREZ Christoph, HACKERT-OSCHÄTZCHEN Matthias, Design of a user-friendly human machine interface for jet electrochemical machining, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 28, pp 1643-1652, 2023


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