Vibration monitoring of railway bridge pier and probability of scour occurrence

Vibration monitoring of railway bridge pier and probability of scour occurrence

Daigo Kawabe, Chul-Woo Kim

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Abstract. This study aims to propose a way to estimate probability of scour occurrence of a railway bridge pier by means of ambient vibration monitoring. A remote real-time scour monitoring scheme utilizing ambient vibrations of piers is considered as an alternative method for conventional impact test. A stochastic approach to deal with uncertainty of estimated frequencies caused by relatively poor signal to noise of the ambient vibration is discussed. The probability distribution of the identified frequencies in a normal condition is modeled with a stable distribution, and the probability of scour occurrence is estimated using a logistic curve. The validity of proposed method is verified using monitoring vibration data during swollen river water period in the past.

Ambient Vibration, Bridges, Natural Frequency, Probability, Railway, Scour Detection

Published online 3/30/2023, 7 pages
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Citation: Daigo Kawabe, Chul-Woo Kim, Vibration monitoring of railway bridge pier and probability of scour occurrence, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 27, pp 1-7, 2023


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