Theoretical and Applied Mechanics
Eds. Mario Di Paola, Livan Fratini, Fabrizio Micari, Antonina Pirrotta
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 26
Publication Date 2023, 744 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-242-4 (release date April, 2023)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-243-1
DOI: 10.21741/9781644902431

The book presents the proceedings of the XXV National Congress of the Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (Palermo, September 2022). The topics cover theoretical, computational, experimental and technical-applicative aspects. Chapters: Fluid Mechanics, Solid Mechanics, Structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Machine, Computational Mechanics, Biomechanics, Masonry Modelling and Analysis, Dynamical Systems in Civil and Mechanical Structures, Control and Experimental Dynamics, Mechanical Modelling of Metamaterials and Periodic Structures, Novel Stochastic Dynamics, Signal Processing Techniques for Civil Engineering Applications, Vibration-based Monitoring and Dynamic Identification of Historic Constructions, Modeling and Analysis of Nanocomposites and Small-Scale Structures, Gradient Flows in Mechanics and Continuum Physics, Multibody Systems Vibration Analysis, Mechanics of Renewable Energy Systems, Mathematical Modeling and Experimental Techniques for Quantification and Prediction of Fluid Dynamic Noise, and Advanced Process Mechanics.


Table of Contents

Fluid Mechanics

A novel one domain approach for free fluid-porous medium transport simulation – preliminary results
Costanza Aricò, Martin Schneider, Tullio Tucciarelli, Rainer Helmig

Solid Mechanics

Mechanical properties of cables made with helically wound carbon-nanotube fibers for advanced structural applications
Giovanni Migliaccio, Reginald DesRoches, Gianni Royer-Carfagni

A variational model for plastic reorientation in fibrous material: numerical experiments on phase segregation
Andrea Rodella, Antonino Favata, Stefano Vidoli

A coupled thermo-mechanical and neutron diffusion numerical model for irradiated concrete
Finite Element Method, Neutron Diffusion, Irradiated Concrete, Coupled Problem

Fracturing process in an anisotropic layered geomaterial: theoretical and computational predictions
Martina Rinaldi, Marco Trullo, Francesco Tornabene, Rossana Dimitri

A 3D visco-elasto-plasto damage constitutive model of concrete under long-term effects
Beaudin Freinrich Dongmo, Gianluca Mazzucco, Beatrice Pomaro, Jiangkun Zhang, Carmelo Majorana, Valentina Salomoni

A multiscale model for anisotropic damage and hysteresis in biodegradable polymers
Vitucci Gennaro, De Tommasi Domenico, Di Stefano Salvatore, Puglisi Giuseppe, Trentadue Francesco

Multiscale approach to decohesion in cell-matrix systems
Salvatore Di Stefano, Ariel Ramirez-Torres, Luca Bellino, Vincenzo Fazio, Gennaro Vitucci, Giuseppe Florio

One century of theoretical and applied mechanics of concrete and stone materials permeability. What have we learned?
Michela Monaco, Roberto Serpieri

Supercontraction of spider silks as a humidity-driven phase transition
Vincenzo FAZIO, Giuseppe FLORIO, Nicola Maria PUGNO, Giuseppe PUGLISI

Rate-dependent response of axonal microtubules and tau proteins under shear forces
Luca Bellino, Giuseppe Florio, Alain Goriely, Giuseppe Puglisi

A moving cohesive interface model for brittle fracture propagation
Umberto De Maio, Fabrizio Greco, Paolo Lonetti, Paolo Nevone Blasi, Andrea Pranno

A fractional-order theory of phase transformation in presence of anomalous heat transfer
Gianmarco Nuzzo, Fabiana Amiri, Salvatore Russotto, Emanuela Bologna, Massimiliano Zingales

Structural Mechanics

An accurate and refined nonlinear beam model accounting for the Poisson effect
E. Ruocco, J.N. Reddy

The extended membrane analogy for an engineered evaluation of the torsional properties of multi-material beams

Flexural tensegrity: Field applications
Claudio Boni , Gianni Royer-Carfagni

Structural designs that required thinking
Federico Bosetti, Massimo Maffeis, Gianni Royer-Carfagni

Fractional viscoelastic characterization of laminated glass
Luca Viviani, Mario Di Paola, Gianni Royer-Carfagni

A phase-field model for fracture in beams from asymptotic results in 2D elasticity
Giovanni Corsi, Antonino Favata, Stefano Vidoli

Static and free vibration analysis of anisotropic doubly-curved shells with general boundary conditions
Francesco TORNABENE, Matteo VISCOTI, Rossana DIMITRI

R-Funicularity of shells and effective eccentricity: Influence of tensile strength
Gloria Rita Argento, Stefano Gabriele, Valerio Varano

Tensile behaviour of rayon cords in different conditions
Lucas Pires da Costa, Giorgio Novati, Paola Caracino, Claudia Comi, Simone Agresti

Lower bound limit analysis through discontinuous finite elements and semi-analytical procedures
Zona Renato, Esposito Luca, Ferla Paolo, Palladino Simone, Totaro Elena, Vincenzo Minutolo

Finding damage in truss structures exploiting modal strains
Martina MODESTI, Antonio PALERMO, Cristina GENTILINI

Experimental analysis of new moment resisting steel connections
Salvatore Benfratello, Luigi Palizzolo, Santo Vazzano

Innovative devices for the protection of welded sections in steel structures
Salvatore Benfratello, Luigi Palizzolo and Santo Vazzano

Stress and strain fields in non-prismatic inhomogeneous beams
Giovanni Migliaccio

A simple procedure for the non-linear optimization of cable tension for suspended bridges

Mechanics of Machine

Experimental identification of a pneumatic valve-cylinder system for attitude control
Michele Gabrio ANTONELLI, Jacopo BRUNETTI, Walter D’AMBROGIO, Annalisa FREGOLENT, Francesco LATINI2

Performance evaluation of a Ball Screw mechanism through a multibody dynamic model
Antonio Carlo BERTOLINO, Andrea DE MARTIN, Massimo SORLI

Dynamic performance of an aerostatic pad with internal pressure control
Federico Colombo, Luigi Lentini, Terenziano Raparelli, Andrea Trivella

A novel prototype of diaphragm valve for passively compensated aerostatic pads
Federico Colombo, Luigi Lentini, Terenziano Raparelli, Andrea Trivella

Characterization of finger joints with underactuated modular structure
Gabriele Maria Achilli, Silvia Logozzo, Monica Malvezzi, Domenico Prattichizzo, Gionata Salvietti, Maria Cristina Valigi

On the effects of strain wave gear kinematic errors on the behaviour of an electro-mechanical flight control actuator for eVTOL aircrafts
Roberto Guida, Antonio C. Bertolino, Andrea De Martin, Andrea Raviola, Giovanni Jacazio, Massimo Sorli

Braking torque estimation through machine learning algorithms
Federico BONINI, Alessandro RIVOLA, Alberto MARTINI

Sizing and control system definition of an intelligent facility for qualification tests and prognostic research activities for electrical landing gear systems
Antonio Carlo Bertolino, Andrea De Martin, Giovanni Jacazio, Massimo Sorli

Novel approaches in computational mechanics

A mixed finite-element formulation for the elasto-plastic analysis of shell structures
Francesco S. LIGUORI, Antonio MADEO, Giovanni GARCEA

Geometrically nonlinear thermoelastic analysis of shells: modelling, incremental-iterative solution and reduction technique

Extended virtual element method for elliptic problems with singularities and discontinuities in mechanics

An efficient plasticity-based model for reinforced concrete flat shells by a 4-nodes mixed finite element
Francesco S. LIGUORI, Antonella CORRADO, Antonio BILOTTA, Antonio MADEO

Automatic construction of structural meshes from photographic and laser surveys

An unconditionally stable time integration for the dynamics of elastic beams and shells in finite motions
Domenico MAGISANO, Leonardo LEONETTI,Giovanni GARCEA

Development of a multi-field computational tool for high-fidelity static aeroelastic simulations
Marco Grifò, Andrea Da Ronch, Alberto Milazzo, Ivano Benedetti

Numerical modeling of dynamic crack propagation mechanisms using a moving mesh technique based on the ALE formulation
Arturo Pascuzzo, Fabrizio Greco, Paolo Lonetti, Domenico Ammendolea, Giulia Sansone

Theoretical and applied biomechanics

A 3-year follow-up study on bone structure elastic quality
Francesca Cosmi, Simona Gentile, Sergio Carrato

Numerical simulation of coronary arteries blood flow: effects of the aortic valve and boundary conditions
Seyyed Mahmoud Mousavi, Gianluca Zitti, Marco Pozzi, Maurizio Brocchini

A limit analysis approach for the prediction of the human proximal femur ultimate load
Aurora Angela Pisano, Paolo Fuschi

The role of the interstitial fluid content in bone remodeling
Esposito Luca, Zona Renato, Palladino Simone, Minutolo Vincenzo, Fraldi Massimiliano

Fluid-structure interaction (FSI) analysis of 3D printing personalized stent-graft for aortic endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR)
Sara Ragusa, Katia Siciliano, Francesco P. Di Simone, Salvatore Russotto, Emanuela Bologna, Massimiliano Zingales

Fractional diffusion of membrane receptors in endocytosis pathway
Gianmarco Nuzzo, Emanuela Bologna, Kaushik Dayal, Massimiliano Zingales

Masonry modelling and analysis: from material to structures

Some recent advances and applications in Distinct Element modelling of masonry structures
Mattia Schiavoni, Ersilia Giordano, Francesco Clementi

Sequential linear analysis of no-tension masonry structures
Grigor Angjeliu, Matteo Bruggi, Alberto Taliercio

Gaussian process emulation for rapid in-plane mechanical homogenization of periodic masonry
Luis C.M. da Silva, André Jesus, Gabriele Milani

Impacts analysis in the rocking of masonry circular arches
Paolo Bisegna, Simona Coccia, Mario Como, Nicola Nodargi

Numerical strategies for modelling masonry arch bridges strengthened with PBO-FRCM composites
Enrico Compagnone, Salvatore Gazzo, Leopoldo Greco, Massimo Cuomo, Loredana Contrafatto

Numerical procedure for detecting the optimal stress state within the profile of a cracked arch
Stefano Galassi, Giacomo Tempesta

Multiscale analysis of masonry vaults coupling shell elements to 3D-Cauchy continuum
Daniela Addessi, Paolo Di Re, Cristina Gatta, Elio Sacco

Vulnerability assessment of historical masonry buildings to excavation-induced settlements: palazzo assicurazioni generali
Daniela ADDESSI, Paolo DI RE, Achille PAOLONE

Pure compressive solutions for masonry domes under gravity loads
Arsenio Cutolo, Enrico Babilio, Ida Mascolo,, Elio Sacco

Dynamical systems and applications in civil and mechanical structures

Some remarks on the evaluation of work and dissipated energy associated with rate-independent hysteretic forces
Raffaele Capuano, Nicolò Vaiana, Luciano Rosati

Classification and modeling of uniaxial rate-independent hysteresis phenomena: some preliminary results
Nicolò Vaiana, Luciano Rosati

Materials with memory: some new results in viscoelastic models

Direct dynamics of 2D cable-driven parallel robots including cables mass effect and its influence in the control performance
Guillermo Rubio Gómez, Andrea Arena, Erika Ottaviano, Vincenzo Gattulli

On the dynamic stability of elastic structures subjected to follower forces
Francesca Levi, Angelo Carini

An inhomogeneous inelastic beam-like model for dynamic analyses of multistorey buildings
Ilaria FIORE, Annalisa GRECO, Salvatore CADDEMI Ivo CALIO’

Using multiple singular values in topology optimization of dynamic systems
Paolo Venini

The dynamics of circular arches with multiple damage
Francesco CANNIZZARO, Ilaria FIORE, Annalisa GRECO, Salvatore CADDEMI, Ivo CALIO’

A reduced hysteretic model of stockbridge dampers
Francesco Bogani, Alex Sosio, Francesco Foti, Luca Martinelli

Explicit expressions of the eigenfrequencies of damaged frames

Optimal design of single-degree-of-freedom vibro-impact system under harmonic base excitation
Giuseppe Perna, Maurizio De Angelis, Ugo Andreaus

Control and experimental dynamics

Friction-induced parametric oscillations in automotive drivelines: experimental analysis and modelling
Manuel Tentarelli, Stefano Cantelli, Silvio Sorrentino, Alessandro De Felice

Identification of normal modes of a set of strongly nonlinear springs
Francesco Latini, Jacopo Brunetti, Walter D’Ambrogio, Annalisa Fregolent

Complex dynamics in non-Newtonian fluid-structure interaction
F. Pellicano, A. Zippo, G. Iarriccio

The minimum variance distortionless response beamformer for damage identification using modal curvatures
Annamaria Pau, Ugurcan Eroglu

Experimental characterisation and numerical modelling of axially loaded wire rope isolators
Davide Pellecchia, Nicolò Vaiana, Salvatore Sessa, Francesco Marmo, Luciano Rosati

Continuous particle swarm optimization for model updating of structures from experimental modal analysis

Shake-table test assessment of a base-isolation device for the seismic protection of the Goddess of Morgantina statue
Elena ALBERTI, Francesco LO IACONO, Giacomo NAVARRA

Microcontroller design for active vibration control
Antonio Zippo, Francesco Pellicano, Giovanni Iarriccio

Static and dynamic response analysis of stay cables using terrestrial laser scanning and vibration measurements
Cecilia Rinaldi, Marco Lepidi, Vincenzo Gattulli

Mechanical modelling of metamaterials and periodic structures

Stability domain and optimal design of a metamaterial made-up of a beam lattice with diagonal cables
Francesco Trentadue, Domenico De Tommasi, Gianluca Caramia, Nicola Marasciuolo

Two-scale asymptotic homogenization of hierarchical locally resonant metamaterials in anti-plane shear conditions
David Faraci, Claudia Comi, Jean-Jacques Marigo

A single-variable approach for layered beams with imperfect interfaces
Ilaria Monetto, Roberta Massabò

Microgeometrical design of lightweight bioinspired nacre-like composite materials for wave attenuation tuning
Andrea PRANNO, Fabrizio GRECO, Raimondo LUCIANO, Umberto DE MAIO

Anisotropic behaviours and strain concentration in lattice material evaluated by means of discrete homogenization
Salvatore Gazzo, Loredana Contrafatto, Leopoldo Greco, Massimo Cuomo

One-dimensional metastructures composed of cables with scatter masses: waves, vibrations and band gaps
Marco Moscatelli, Claudia Comi, Jean-Jacques Marigo

Graded meta-waveguides for elastic energy splitting
Luca Iorio, Jacopo M. De Ponti, Raffaele Ardito, Alberto Corigliano

Design of architected materials composed by periodic surfaces
Massimo Cuomo, Golshan Farzi, Roberto Ruggeri, Leopoldo Greco

Novel stochastic dynamics methodologies & signal processing techniques for civil engineering applications

A distributed analysis of vibration signals for leakage detection in Water Distribution Networks
Gabriele Restuccia, Ilenia Tinnirello, Fulvio Lo Valvo, Giacomo Baiamonte, Domenico Garlisi, Costantino Giaconia

Fractional differential equations under stochastic input processes handled by the improved pseudo-force approach
Alba Sofi, Giuseppe Muscolino, Mario Di Paola

Stochastic analysis of double-skin façades subjected to imprecise seismic excitation
Federica Genovese, Alba Sofi

Digital simulation of multi-variate stochastic processes
Salvatore Russotto, Mario Di Paola, Antonina Pirrotta

Identification of tie-rod properties in monumental buildings under uncertainty
Chiara Pepi, Mircea D. Grigoriu, Massimiliano Gioffrè

Open issues on procedures and methodologies for the vibration-based monitoring and dynamic identification of historic constructions

Post-earthquake continuous dynamic monitoring of the twin belfries of the Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata of Camerino, Italy
Gianluca Standoli, Francesco Clementi, Carmelo Gentile, Stefano Lenci

Deep learning for structural health monitoring: An application to heritage structures
Fabio Carrara, Fabrizio Falchi, Maria Girardi, Nicola Messina, Cristina Padovani, Daniele Pellegrini

Application of OMA technique to masonry slender towers: FEM updating and sensitivity analysis
Davide Li Rosi, Loredana Contrafatto, Salvatore Gazzo, Leopoldo Greco, Massimo Cuomo

A proposal of classification for machine-learning vibration-based damage identification methods
Francesca Marafini, Michele Betti, Gianni Bartoli, Giacomo Zini, Alberto Barontini, Nuno Mendes

Influence of a hemp biocomposite reinforcement on masonry vaults dynamic response
Massimiliano Gioffrè, Giacomo Navarra, Nicola Cavalagli, Francesco Lo Iacono, Roberta Scungio, Vittorio Gusella, Chiara Pepi

Modeling and analysis of nanocomposites and small-scale structures

Multiscale failure analysis of fiber-reinforced composite structures via a hybrid cohesive/volumetric nonlinear homogenization strategy
Daniele Gaetano, Fabrizio Greco, Lorenzo Leonetti, Paolo Nevone Blasi, Arturo Pascuzzo

Line element-less method (LEM) for arbitrarily shaped nonlocal nanoplates: exact and approximate analytical solutions
Alberto DI MATTEO, Antonina PIRROTTA

Perturbations for vibration of nano-beams of local/nonlocal mixture
Ugurcan Eroglu, Giuseppe Ruta

Reaction-diffusion-drift equations and gradient flows in mechanics and continuum physics

An effective strategy to transform second-gradient equilibrium equations from the Eulerian to the Lagrangian configuration
Roberto Fedele, Francesco dell’Isola, Pierre Seppecher, Simon R. Eugster

New frontiers in multibody systems vibration analysis

A simple tool to forecast the natural frequencies of thin-walled cylinders
Marco Cammalleri, Antonella Castellano, Marco Abella

Multibody dynamics modeling of drivetrain components: On the caged-roller dynamics of centrifugal pendulum vibration absorbers
Mattia Cera, Marco Cirelli, Luca D’Angelo, Ettore Pennestrì, Pier Paolo Valentini

Modal analysis of a four-bar linkage MEMS microgripper with co-operative electrostatic actuation
Andrea Rossi, Nicola Pio Belfiore

Interface reduction in flexible multibody systems
Alessandro CAMMARATA, Pietro Davide MADDÌO, Rosario SINATRA

Dynamic analysis of lightweight gears through multibody models with movable teeth
Marco Cirelli, Alessio Cellupica, Mattia Cera, Oliviero Giannini, Pier Paolo Valentini, Ettore Pennestrì

Surface error correction of a mesh deployable reflector
Pietro Davide MADDIO, Pietro SALVINI, Rosario SINATRA, Alessandro CAMMARATA

Multibody simulations of a distributed-compliance helical transmission joint for largely misaligned shafts
Sorgonà Orazio, Giannini Oliviero, Cirelli Marco, Pier Paolo Valentini

Mechanics of renewable energy systems

Combining pendulum and gyroscopic effects to step-up wave energy extraction in all degrees of freedom
Giuseppe Giorgi, Fabio Carapellese, Mauro Bonfanti, Sergej Antonello Sirigu

On the manipulation of the magnetic forces for improving the contactless plucking in piezoelectric vibration energy harvesters
Michele Rosso, Filippo Pietro Perli, Alberto Corigliano, Raffaele Ardito

First offshore windfarm in the Mediterranean Sea – Italy
Luigi Severini, Alessandro Severini, Sara Bray, Simona Capozza

Advances in mathematical modeling and experimental techniques for quantification and prediction of fluid dynamic noise

Multi-modal noise generation in low Mach number orifice plates: an experimental investigation

Advanced process mechanics

Milling of alumina-based ceramic foams: tool material effects
Giovanna Rotella, Maria Rosaria Saffioti, Michela Sanguedolce, Flaviano Testa, Luigino Filice, Fabrizio Micari

Progresses in multi-materials billet manufacturing out of metal scraps through friction stir consolidation
Abdul Latif, Giuseppe Ingarao, Livan Fratini, Fabrizio Micari

Process mechanics in continuous friction stir extrusion process of aluminum alloy
Gianluca Buffa, Davide Campanella, Livan Fratini, Adnan Muhuammed, Fabrizio Micari