Design of architected materials composed by periodic surfaces

Design of architected materials composed by periodic surfaces

Massimo Cuomo, Golshan Farzi, Roberto Ruggeri, Leopoldo Greco

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Abstract. Architected materials possess extraordinary mechanical properties, that cannot be met by natural materials, either in the static and in the dynamic range. For this reason, the study of metamaterials is a very active field of research. Although lattice architectures are commonly preferred, especially for the relative simplicity of manufacturing, geometries based on thin shells may present considerable advantages. Indeed it has been shown that shell metamaterials, still preserving lightness and versatility, can present excellent stiffness and strength properties, and ability to absorb strain energy by means of very large deformations, that make them useful for the design of shock absorbing elements. In the contribution will be examined a class of shell metamaterials, composed of triple periodic minimal surfaces TPMS, that having zero mean curvature can be in equilibrium with an isotropic state of stress. Two particular surfaces, the Schwarz P and the Schwarz G minimal surfaces, the first centro-symmetric, the second chiral, are examined.

Metamaterials, Minimal Surfaces, Large Deformations

Published online 3/17/2022, 5 pages
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Citation: Massimo Cuomo, Golshan Farzi, Roberto Ruggeri, Leopoldo Greco, Design of architected materials composed by periodic surfaces, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 26, pp 535-539, 2023


The article was published as article 87 of the book Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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