Automatic construction of structural meshes from photographic and laser surveys

Automatic construction of structural meshes from photographic and laser surveys


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Abstract. The focus of this paper is the analyses of various work pipelines, allowing to manage the transition from in-situ surveys to cloud of points and geometric meshes optimized for structural purposes. This topic is very challenging, and today is almost always performed through homemade, uncontrolled, approaches, requiring the passage of information between numerous codes. These unsupervised workflows often compromise the integrity and the reliability of the results. Here two experimental case studies are reported to check the performances of two pipelines, based on photographic and laser surveys, respectively. The proposed comparison is used to outline significant indications on how properly manage the transformation, in order to create a “true” digital twin of the given structure.

Work Pipelines, Photographic/Laser Surveys, Structural Meshes

Published online 3/17/2022, 6 pages
Copyright © 2023 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Ivan PADUANO, Andrea MILETO, Egidio LOFRANO, Automatic construction of structural meshes from photographic and laser surveys, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 26, pp 251-256, 2023


The article was published as article 41 of the book Theoretical and Applied Mechanics

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