Investigation on the inter-ply friction when deforming magnesium-based fibre metal laminates at elevated temperature

Investigation on the inter-ply friction when deforming magnesium-based fibre metal laminates at elevated temperature

Zheng Liu, Enrico Simonetto, Andrea Ghiotti, Stefania Bruschi

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Abstract. Inter-ply friction plays a dominant role in inducing defects (e.g., wrinkling) during the hot stamping process of fibre metal laminates (FMLs). In particular, the metal/prepreg inter-ply friction is highly affected by the process parameters at elevated temperature as the molten matrix is significantly sensitive to possible changes in these parameters. In this paper, the metal/prepreg inter-ply friction was experimentally investigated at increasing relative sliding displacement and varying normal pressure. To do that, pull-through tests with a stop-start control strategy were conducted at elevated temperature. The obtained results showed the transition of the lubrication mode given by the Stribeck theory from a hydrodynamic to a mixed one as the relative sliding displacement rose at whatever normal pressure level. An increase in the inter-ply friction coefficient was found as well.

Friction, Hot Stamping, Fibre Metal Laminates

Published online 3/17/2023, 8 pages
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Citation: Zheng Liu, Enrico Simonetto, Andrea Ghiotti, Stefania Bruschi, Investigation on the inter-ply friction when deforming magnesium-based fibre metal laminates at elevated temperature, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 25, pp 463-470, 2023


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