Revisiting image-based quality evaluation of laser cut edges

Revisiting image-based quality evaluation of laser cut edges

Masoud Kardan, Nikita Levichev, Alberto Tomás García, Joost R. Duflou

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Abstract. The optimization of laser cutting process parameters relies on productivity and obtained edge quality. Whereas maximizing cutting speed is a default procedure to increase the process performance, quality assessment of a cut edge is a non-trivial task. Both contact-based and image-based approaches can be used to quantify the quality of a cut surface. Since contact-based techniques are time-consuming and typically require expert knowledge, the development of simple and fast image-based approaches could improve the performance of sheet metal workshops. Due to the numerous quality characteristics that have to be considered, a significant challenge remains to establish a versatile approach for image-based quality evaluation. Within this paper, the quality assessment of laser cut edges by means of image processing techniques is analyzed. Additionally, the potential for employing visual evaluation to assess all quality indicators in a comprehensive measuring strategy is explored. Finally, the role of the presented approaches in shifting toward intelligent manufacturing is briefly discussed.

Laser, Cutting, Quality Evaluation

Published online 3/17/2023, 8 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Masoud Kardan, Nikita Levichev, Alberto Tomás García, Joost R. Duflou, Revisiting image-based quality evaluation of laser cut edges, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 25, pp 363-370, 2023


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