Use of Nanomaterials in Bone Regeneration


Use of Nanomaterials in Bone Regeneration

N. Fattahi, A. Ramazani

Over the past few decades, studies on bone tissue engineering have inspired innovation in novel materials, processing methods, performance evaluations, and applications. Nanomaterials have great promise for the creation of novel treatment solutions, such as bone regeneration and repair, as well as the replacement of organs and tissues. Bone tissue engineering is facilitated by nanomaterials that replicate bone characteristics and provide special functions. Nanomaterials can be employed in their natural state as drug delivery system carriers or as fillers to strengthen bone regeneration scaffolds. This chapter is focused on nanomaterials used in or being developed for bone regeneration. The present chapter aims to inspire readers to explore new avenues for designing and developing efficient and effective nanomaterials for bone regeneration applications.

Bone Regeneration, Nanomaterials, Bone Biology, Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering

Published online , 30 pages

Citation: N. Fattahi, A. Ramazani, Use of Nanomaterials in Bone Regeneration, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 145, pp 177-206, 2023


Part of the book on Nanobiomaterials

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