Soft Superconductors: Materials and Applications


Soft Superconductors: Materials and Applications

M. Bugdayci, S. Yesiltepe

Superconductors emerge as materials that offer great benefits with the superior properties they offer. In this study, the general properties of superconducting materials, their history and properties of soft superconductors are emphasized. Superconductivity mechanisms are investigated through crystal structures and BCS theory. Superconductivity properties of A3B, perovskite, MMo6X8&M2A3X3 compounds were evaluated over crystal symmetries. In addition, research on the production methods and usage areas of superconductors are presented in this section.

Superconductors, Crystallographic Structures, Type 1, Critical Temperature, Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer Theory

Published online 10/5/2022, 20 pages

Citation: M. Bugdayci, S. Yesiltepe, Soft Superconductors: Materials and Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 132, pp 146-165, 2022


Part of the book on Superconductors

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