Piezoelectric Materials-based Nanogenerators


Piezoelectric Materials-based Nanogenerators

Ritamay Bhunia, Do Hwan Kim

With the progression of human civilization, the growing demands of smart electronics devices have compelled us to think about some effective alternative energy sources which can deliver the required power to these devices. Currently, flexible, lightweight, sustainable power sources can be alternatives to fulfill the demands. Piezoelectric nanogenerators are favorable candidates because they can be integrated with these portable personal electronic devices. A remarkable advancement in nanogenerators has been achieved in the synthesis process, energy conversion performance, environmental pollution due to conventional chemical batteries, and adaptability. This chapter presents the possibilities and implementation of piezoelectric materials for nanogenerator fabrication. This chapter would help the readers to get a clear perception of this topic.

Piezoelectric, Nanogenerator, Sensor, Ceramic, ZnO, Polymer, Composite, PVDF, Cellulose

Published online 2022/09/01, 54 pages

Citation: Ritamay Bhunia, Do Hwan Kim, Piezoelectric Materials-based Nanogenerators, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 131, pp 61-116, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902097-3

Part of the book on Advanced Functional Piezoelectric Materials and Applications

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