Types, Properties and Characteristics of Piezoelectric Materials


Types, Properties and Characteristics of Piezoelectric Materials

Y. Kalyana Lakshmi, K.V. Siva Kumar, S. Bharadwaj

Piezoelectric materials are an important class of materials that find application in science and technology, in engineering and in modern warfare as pressure transducers, sensors and energy harvesting devices. Selection of suitable piezoelectric materials relies on several factors such as the type, Curie temperature, environmental stability, different physical properties and their characterization depending different measurement techniques. Several aspects and typical characteristic constants that are necessary for selection of suitable piezoelectric composition are very broadly highlighted in this chapter. Fundamental properties obtained from different characterization tools were concisely discussed with respect to piezoelectric materials which also show ferroelectric behavior.

Piezoelectric Materials

Published online 2022/09/01, 36 pages

Citation: Y. Kalyana Lakshmi, K.V. Siva Kumar, S. Bharadwaj, Types, Properties and Characteristics of Piezoelectric Materials, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 131, pp 1-36, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902073-1

Part of the book on Advanced Functional Piezoelectric Materials and Applications

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