Properties of TiO2 Coatings Obtained by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) on the Ti13Nb13Zr Titanium Alloy

Properties of TiO2 Coatings Obtained by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) on the Ti13Nb13Zr Titanium Alloy

PIOTROWSKA Katarzyna and MADEJ Monika

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Abstract. The paper presents the results of research on the surface texture, adhesion, and the results of tribological tests of TiO2 coatings obtained with the ALD technique. The geometric structure of the surface before and after the tribological tests was assessed using a confocal microscope with an interferometric mode. Model tribological tests were carried out for a reciprocating motion under the conditions of technically dry friction and friction lubricated with Ringer’s solution. The tests showed that the TiO2 coating has better tribological characteristics compared to Ti13Nb13Zr. The study of the geometric structure of the surface after tribological tests showed that the use of the lubricant resulted in a 3-times reduction in wear.

Ti13Nb13Zr, Coating, ALD and PVD Technique, Surface Technique, Properties

Published online 7/20/2022, 7 pages
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Citation: PIOTROWSKA Katarzyna and MADEJ Monika, Properties of TiO2 Coatings Obtained by Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) on the Ti13Nb13Zr Titanium Alloy, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 24, pp 52-58, 2022


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