Characterization and Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings

Characterization and Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings


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Abstract. The paper presents the results of the research on the tribological properties of the DLC coating. The coating was applied using plasma-assisted chemical vapour deposition (PACVD). The obtained coating was determined to be a DLC coating using a Raman spectroscope. Friction tests were performed using a tribometer working in a ball-disc friction configuration at various loads applied. For the tests, a disc with a DLC coating was used as a sample, and a ball made of 100Cr6 steel was used as a counter-sample. The friction tests were carried out in the conditions of technically dry friction. Examination of the coating was done using a scanning microscope. Analysis of the geometric structure of the sample before and after the friction test was performed using a confocal microscope with an interferometric mode. The obtained test results indicated that the properties of DLC coatings are influenced by the deposition process conditions: the argon and methane flow ratio. Whereas the deposition time influences the tribological properties.

Diamond-Like Carbon DLC, Tribology, Wear

Published online 7/20/2022, 7 pages
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Citation: KOWALCZYK Joanna, KĘCZKOWSKA Justyna and SUCHAŃSKA Małgorzata, Characterization and Properties of Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 24, pp 39-45, 2022


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