Concept of Laser Welding of Concentric Peripheral Lap Joint

Concept of Laser Welding of Concentric Peripheral Lap Joint

DANIELEWSKI Hubert and ZRAK Andrej

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Abstract. This paper presents the concept of concentric peripheral joint. Designed concentric joint was projected to laser welding process, where using keyhole effect deep penetration trough three materials was presented. Concept of concentric joint includes using of elastic stainless steel material as an connector between two pipes. Stainless steel in form of a ring was used as an additional distance element, joined with two pipes. Presented concept was investigated using numerical simulation based on finite element method with Simufact Welding software. Performed investigation of laser welding presents possibility of using single and double beam welding. Performed simulation included a sealed joint, where only partial penetration of bottom material was obtained and full penetration joint [1]. The authors presented a comparative study of the joints using single and double laser beam welding. The welding parameters for the assumed joints were estimated via numerical simulations [2]. The study of the concentric lap joint shows the possibility of using laser beam welding in single pass welding for obtained assumed joint geometry [3].

Laser Welding, Numerical Simulation, Concentric Lap Joint Concept, Sealed Circumferential Joint

Published online 7/20/2022, 6 pages
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Citation: DANIELEWSKI Hubert and ZRAK Andrej, Concept of Laser Welding of Concentric Peripheral Lap Joint, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 24, pp 227-232, 2022


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