Evaluation of the Technological Modernity of the Machines used in the Metallurgical Industry

Evaluation of the Technological Modernity of the Machines used in the Metallurgical Industry

INGALDI Manuela and MAZUR Magdalena

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Abstract. The analysis of the modernity of production machines is an important issue due to two aspects. First of all, modernity will have a direct impact on the efficiency of using both the machine and the entire production process (the entire production line), as well as the productivity of this process. On the other hand, this meaning will refer to the qualitative results of the processes that are carried out by the analyzed device. The level of modernity of machines is the starting point in the analysis of the effectiveness of their use and planned organizational changes in the production line. The aim of the paper was to evaluate the modernity of the milling machine CNC, which is used in the production of various types of steel products. The ABC technology method was the research instrument. Individual parts of this machine were divided into 3 subassemblies (parts of main subassembly A, parts of supportive subassembly B, parts of collateral subassembly C) and then each part was evaluated on the basis of Parkers’ five-point scale. The analysis showed that despite the fact that the machine is not modern, there is no need to replace it, because the quality level of the steel products produced with it, is high.

ABC Technology Method, Machines, Modernity, Technology

Published online 7/20/2022, 8 pages
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Citation: INGALDI Manuela and MAZUR Magdalena, Evaluation of the Technological Modernity of the Machines used in the Metallurgical Industry, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 24, pp 118-125, 2022

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644902059-18

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