Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Concrete with Steel Fiber

Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Concrete with Steel Fiber

M.P. Thiyaneswaran, C. Sowmiyashree, P. Thiruvenkatesh, A. Sushanth

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Abstract. Cement concrete is a composite and widely used construction material. The motive of this analysis is based on examination of the use of steel fiber in high performance concrete to enhance the mechanical properties of concrete. The utilization of steel fiber strengthen the concrete by resisting the tensile cracking, enhance the mechanical properties, durability and the serviceability of structure. But higher the utilization of steel fiber can decrease the workability of concrete. In such case, fly ash is used in a range of 20-30% to enhance the workability. Also, the use of fly ash can reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. Thus it creates a sustainable environment. Tests were conducted by preparing the mixes and were compared with the normal conventional concrete properties.

Steel Fiber, High Performance Concrete, Fly Ash

Published online , 7 pages
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Citation: M.P. Thiyaneswaran, C. Sowmiyashree, P. Thiruvenkatesh, A. Sushanth, Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Concrete with Steel Fiber, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 23, pp 90-96, 2022


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