Sustainable Materials and Smart Practices, color print, paperback


This book presents recent research on sustainable building materials and their various applications.

Sustainable Materials and Smart Practices
NCSMSP-2021 Eds. M. Vasudevan, V. Preetha, B. Jeyanth
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 23
Publication Date 2022, 478 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-194-6 (release date June, 2022)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-195-3
DOI: 10.21741/9781644901878

This book presents recent research on sustainable building materials and their various applications. Topics include such items as fiber reinforced concrete, the use of mineral admixtures. self-sensing cement composites, the use of nanomaterials for structural health monitoring and the production of geopolymer mortar.

Light Transmitting Concrete, Self-Compacting Concrete, Light-Weight Concrete, Polymer Concrete, Porous Concrete, Eco-Friendly Building Material, Cement Composite, Geopolymer Composites, Sustainable Bricks, Cement, Sisal Fiber, Glass Fiber, Nanomaterials, Metakaoline, Fly Ash, Silica Fume, Rice Husk Ash, Oyster Shells, Bitumen, Sugarcane Bagasse Ash, Herbocrete, Waste Foundry Sand, Swell Pressure of Clay, Quarry Dust, Sensors, Topology Optimization, Soil Stabilization


Table of Contents

Experimental Study on Light Transmitting Concrete Using Plastic Optical Fiber
S. Loganayagan, A. Mohanraj, V. Hariharan, N. Praveen

Performance Evaluation of RCC Beam Column Joint with Aramid Fibre
V. Jayanthi, S. Mehala, P. Rajesh Kumar

Reuse of Coarse Aggregate as Recycled Aggregate in Concrete
R. Krishnakumar, M. Krishnagopal, P. Vishnu, O.P. Deepak

Development of Sustainable Bricks by Utilizing Vermicompost as an Alternate Material – A Waste Created Brick
P. Karthigai Priya, S. Vanitha

Experimental Study on Practice of Cement Treated Subbase (CTSB) Layer in Flexible Pavement of National Highways in India
S. Loganayagan, N. Chandra Mohan, S. Ramakrishnan, T. Gokulakannan

Buckling Behaviour of Cold Formed Steel Column Subjected to Axial Compression Loading
V. Jayanthi, B. Mathu Pradeep, S. Dhanish Ahmed, M. Prajesh, S. Abishake

Experimental Investigation on Partial Replacement of Cement with Metakaoline, Fly Ash and Silica Fume in Concrete
C. Pradeep Kumar, L. Anandhi

Feasibility Study on Utilization of Compost as a Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Conventional Concrete
Vanitha Sankararajan, Karthigai Priya Pandiaraj

Evaluation of Mechanical Properties on Light Weight Concrete by using Silica Fume with M-Sand
V.M. Gnanasundar, T.S. Palanisamy, M. Refak Afrith and B. Pradeepkumar

Mechanical Properties of Fiber Reinforced Concrete by using Sisal Fiber with M-Sand as Fine Aggregate
V.M. Gnanasundar, T.S. Palanisamy, G.S. Thirugnanam, V. Preetha

Mechanical Properties of Concrete Using Oyster Shells as Coarse Aggregate
P. Kanaka, S. Southamirajan, S. Elango, K. Samruda, R.A. Akshaya

Performance Evaluation of High-Performance Concrete with Steel Fiber
M.P. Thiyaneswaran, C. Sowmiyashree, P. Thiruvenkatesh, A. Sushanth

Comparative Study on the Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Concrete
S. Ramakrishnan, S. Loganayagan, N. Chandramohan and K. Gowthambalaji

A Review on Smart and Eco-Friendly Building Material
T. Jeevetha, S. Vijayashanthy, J. Dharanidharan, B. Bala Murali Krishna

An Experimental Study on the Impact of Incorporating Glass on the Photocatalytic Capacity of Concrete Blocks
S. Karthikeyan, S. Deepiha, K. Dinesh, F. Chriswin

Experimental Study on Strength Characteristics of Fly Ash and Rice Husk Ash added Clay Soil
J. Jayashree, V. Jeevanantham

Experimental Investigation on Properties of Herbocrete by using Terminalia Chebula (Kaddukai)
M.P. Indhu, S. Krishnamoorthi, M.P. Iniya, T. Shanmugapriya, A. Sanjeevi

Investigation on Strength of Concrete with Addition of Fly Ash and Natural Fiber
N. Chandramohan, S. Loganayagan, S. Sridhar, M. Poornima

Behaviour of Polypropylene and Steel Fibre Reinforced High Strength Concrete Exterior Beam Column Joint
L. Andal, M. Sathish Kumar, T. Nithiya Sree, V. Preetha

A Research on Partial Replacement of Fine Aggregate by Waste Foundry Sand
S. Ramkumar, A. Sridhar, M. Vignesh

Shear Behaviour of Fiber Reinforced Concrete Beams Using Steel and Polypropylene Fiber
S. Ramkumar, A. Dinesh, A. Karthick

An Experimental Investigation of Lightweight Self Compacting Concrete with Replacement of Coarse Aggregate as Pumice Stone- A Review
M. Arun kumar, M. Preethi, S. Pavithran and M. Praveen

Development of Self-Sensing Cement Composite Using Nanomaterials for Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Columns – A Comprehensive Review
A. Dinesh, A. Mohanraj, S. Veeraraghavan, K.G. Naveena

Structural Health Monitoring Using Sensors with Application of Wavelet Analysis
S. Saranya, M. Ranjitham, A. Dinesh, S. Divyapriya

Carbon-Based Nanomaterial Embedded Self-Sensing Cement Composite for Structural Health Monitoring of Concrete Beams – A Extensive Review
A. Dinesh, S. Durgadevi, S. Veeraraghavan, S. Janani Praveena

Nano Silica Particles as A Structural Build Up Agent for 3D Printing Cement Paste with Additional Accelerators
Varun Sabu Sam, G.Hemalatha, Vincent Sam Jebadurai S, Arunraj E, J. Jensika Rani

A Constructive Analysis on Topology Optimization of Structural Beam Element Using Different Support Condition
J. Jensika Rani, G. Hemalatha, B. Praveen, S. Vincent Sam Jebadurai

Experimental Analysis of Glass Fibre in Concrete
V.M. Gnanasundar, T. Palanisamy, G.S. Thirugnanam, C. Vishalachi

Structural Health Monitoring of Infrastructures Using Sensors as Smart Materials– Review and Perspective
A. Dinesh, A. Karthick, S. Ramkumar

Evaluation of Corrosion Inhibition on Rebar using Pomegranate Peel Extract as Organic Inhibitor
B. Jeyanth, R. Ashwathi, V. Prabhakaran, A. Karthick

Comprehensive Review on the Influence of Natural Materials in Soil Stabilization
S.C. Boobalan, M. Dhanabharathi, S. Dineshkumar, M. Gokuldas

Geopolymer Concrete Paver Blocks: A Review
S. Kavipriya, C.G. Deepanraj, M.P. Iniya, B. Jeyanth

Experimental Study on Strength of Concrete using Glass Fiber
K. Rajendhiran, S.Gopinath, G.Rajasekar

Comparative Analysis on Mechanical Properties of Polymer Concrete by using Various Lightweight Aggregates
T.S. Mukesh, P. Kulanthaivel, A. Naveenkumar, K. Ramesh

Study on Physical and Mechanical Properties of Porous Concrete using Recycled Concrete Aggregate
T.S. Mukesh, P. Kulanthaivel, G. Gowthaman, J. Hariharan

A Review on Recent Experimental Research on Soil Stabilization
S. Durgadevi, A. Dinesh, S. Saran, G. Selvakumar

Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using Marble Powder for Ecofriendly Environment
R. Ashwathi, B.Jeyanth, V. Prabhakaran, O.P. Deepak

Effect of Damping on Multistory Frame using Response Spectrum
Preetha Vellaichamy, Vishalachi Chakkaravarthi, Senthilkumar Veerasamy, Aravindhan Chokkan

Study on Controlled Low Strength Materials using GGBS with Dredged Soil and M-Sand
S. Loganayagan, S. Ramakrishnan, V. Jeevanantham, M. Gowtham

Utilisation of Sustainable Materials in Geopolymer Composites– A Review
Preetha Vellaichamy, Vishalachi Chakkaravarthi, Senthilkumar Veerasamy, V.M. Gnanasundar

Experimental Investigation on Effects of Bendable Composites on Ductility
S. Durgadevi, U.V. Krishnan, S. Vetrivel, M. Vijay

Moment Resisting Steel Connections for the Improvement of Light Gauge Cold Formed Steel Structures
R. Ashwathi, S.P. Keerthana, K.P. Sandhitya

Review on Utilizing E-Waste Plastic in Bitumen for Better Strength and Sustainable Environment
P. Krithiga, M. Vishnu Preethi, K. Samritha, K Senthil Kumar Mena

Investigation on Strength Properties of Concrete using Steel Slag as a Partial Replacement for Fine Aggregate
R. Ashwathi, G.T. Amudhan Vetrivel, M. Abishek

Experimental Analysis on Utilizing Sugarcane Bagasse Ash as a Replacement for Cement
R. Hemavathi, A. Vijay Vignesh, R.V.K. Vigneshwar

Empirical Modeling on Swell Pressure of Clay using Index Properties
V. Jeevanantham, J. Jayashree, S. Loganayagan

Performance Study on Partial Replacement of Bitumen using Waste Polypropylene Cement Bags for Pavement Construction
R. Malathi, R. Geethamani

Investigating the Possibility of Using Clay and Fly Ash in the Production of Geopolymer Mortar
N.V. Manjunath, B.S. Hariprasath, S.K. Sreehaswanth, T. Gopi

Performance Assessment of Self Compacting Concrete Incorporating Mineral Admixtures
M. Ranjitham, A. Dinesh, R.J. Pragadeeshwaran, D. Sridhar

Laboratory Studies on the Effectiveness of Quarry Dust and Bottom Ash with Treated Marine Clay for Adaptable Flexible Pavement Sub-Grade
Surya Teja Veeranki, Abhilash Nadakuditi

About the Editors

Dr. M. Vasudevan is currently working as Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Civil Engineering at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology Sathyamangalam, Tamil Nadu, India with a teaching experience of 6 years. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering from Kerala Agricultural University, India in 2007, followed by master’s degree (M.Tech.) in Environmental Engineering from Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad, India in 2009. He completed his Ph.D. from Indian Institute of Technology Madras in 2015 in the area of Environmental Engineering. He has published about 45 research papers in peer-reviewed international journals and 70 international/national conferences. He has also authored 8 book chapters and co-edited 2 books. He is a professional member of Indian Geotechnical Society and Indian Society for Technical Education and Indian Water Works Association.
Mrs. V. Preetha is Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu, INDIA. She obtained BE in Civil Engineering from Kongu Engineering College, Erode, INDIA in 2006, Masters in Structural Engineering from Bannari Amman Institute of technology, Erode, India in 2009 and Pursuing her Ph.D in Structural Engineering from Anna university. Having worked for about 1 year in Jain Housing and Construction as Quantity surveyor, she joined Larsen and Toubro Pvt Limited, ECC division, Headquarters, Manapakkam Campus as Senior Design Engineer during 2009 to 2011 and then joined BIT in 2012. Her research interests include Earthquake Engineering, Steel concrete Composite Structures and structural design. She has published around 15 peer-reviewed journal papers, 20 conference papers, 1 book chapters and filed 2 patents. Her service includes field studies in the area of concrete technology and non-destructive testing methods as consultancy projects. She is a professional member of Institution of Engineers India, Indian Geotechnical Society and Indian Society for Technical Education.
Mr. B. Jeyanth is Assistant Professor in the Department of Civil Engineering, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Tamilnadu, INDIA. He has obtained BE in Civil Engineering from Adhiyamaan Engineering College, INDIA in 2012, Masters in structural Engineering from Gnanamani College of Engineering, INDIA in 2014. He started his Professional carrier as Assistant Professor and presently with 7 years of Experience in Teaching. His research interest includes study on the behavior of fiber reinforced concrete. He has published around 5 peer-reviewed journal papers, 9 conference papers. He is a professional member of International association of engineers (IAENG).