Resol–Vegetable Fibers Composites


Resol–Vegetable Fibers Composites

Wei Ni, Lingying Shi

In this chapter, we provide a detailed review on the reinforcement effect of a broad range of vegetable fibers (VFs) in thermosetting phenolic resin (resol type) based composites. The different varieties of VFs, surface modification techniques, processing conditions and their effects on the overall performances (i.e., the strengths and weaknesses), are assessed to advance future studies and applications of natural fiber-reinforced plastic composites.

Vegetable Fibers, Natural Fibers, Resol, Phenolic Resins, Thermosets, Composites, Reinforcement

Published online 4/10/2022, 45 pages

Citation: Wei Ni, Lingying Shi, Resol–Vegetable Fibers Composites, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 122, pp 154-198, 2022


Part of the book on Sustainable Natural Fiber Composites

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