Influence of Internal Defects of Basic Metal of the Equipment on Its Operational Properties

Influence of Internal Defects of Basic Metal of the Equipment on Its Operational Properties

S.I. Valeev

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Abstract. The paper deals with the issue of safe operation of technological equipment with a defect in the base metal of the delamination type. Mathematical modeling of the stress-strain state in the defect zone by the finite element method in ANSYS software package is carried out. The article presents and analyzes the obtained graphs of the distribution of stress intensity factors. Based on the analysis of the obtained dependences, it is shown that stratification of the base metal does not have a significant effect on the performance of the process equipment.

Defect, Accident, Stress, Operation, Delamination Of The Base Metal, Technical Diagnostics

Published online 1/5/2022, 5 pages
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Citation: S.I. Valeev, Influence of Internal Defects of Basic Metal of the Equipment on Its Operational Properties, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 21, pp 391-395, 2022


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