Estimating the Cost of Improving Quality in Production Dry Building Mixtures

Estimating the Cost of Improving Quality in Production Dry Building Mixtures

Valentina Loganina, Tatiana Uchaeva, Maria Zaytseva

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Abstract. Provides information about the cost model associated with improving product quality. On the example of dry building mixtures, the issues of statistical quality management are considered. The cost model takes into account the cost of reducing the bias and variance of raw materials.

Dry Building Mixtures, Quality Costs, Dispersion of Quality Indicators of Products and Raw Materials

Published online 1/5/2022, 5 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Valentina Loganina, Tatiana Uchaeva, Maria Zaytseva, Estimating the Cost of Improving Quality in Production Dry Building Mixtures, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 21, pp 13-17, 2022


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