Polymeric Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis Membranes for Water Desalination


Polymeric Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis Membranes for Water Desalination

Wei Lun Ang, Pui Vun Chai

Polymeric reverse osmosis (RO) and forward osmosis (FO) membranes have been predominantly used in membrane applications for water desalination. The membrane science has advanced in the past decades and various efforts have been employed to improve the membrane characteristics for enhanced water flux and impurities rejection capability. In this chapter, the progress of RO and FO membranes has been discussed in three sections: synthesis methods of RO and FO membranes, modification works done on the membranes and the formulation used for the synthesis of RO and FO membranes, with particular interest given to the incorporation of nanoparticles in the synthesis of thin film composite membrane.

Reverse Osmosis, Forward Osmosis, Desalination, Polymeric Membrane, Membrane Synthesis and Modification, Thin Film Composite Membrane

Published online , 58 pages

Citation: Wei Lun Ang, Pui Vun Chai, Polymeric Reverse Osmosis and Forward Osmosis Membranes for Water Desalination, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 113, pp 113-170, 2021

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901632-5

Part of the book on Polymeric Membranes for Water Purification and Gas Separation

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