Aerogels for Insulation Applications


Aerogels for Insulation Applications

M. Ramesh, L. Rajeshkumar, D. Balaji

Aerogels have been used as a heat insulating material for the last few decades and possess extremely remarkable qualities for heat insulation. The qualities like light weight (contains more air) and easy to blend with other materials make the aerogel a better insulator than any other material of this kind. The aerogel provides 2 to 3 times better insulation than the styrofoam which is also light weight. The insulating property gets enhanced, if the aerogel is a composite. The interesting details about the insulation property of aerogel will be explored in this chapter.

Aerogels, Insulation, Thermal Insulator, Insulation Materials, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Development

Published online 2/25/2021, 20 pages

Citation: M. Ramesh, L. Rajeshkumar, D. Balaji, Aerogels for Insulation Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 98, pp 57-76, 2021


Part of the book on Aerogels II

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