Antibacterial Quantum Dots


Antibacterial Quantum Dots

Jin-Chung Sin, Ying-Hui Chin, Sze-Mun Lam, HongHu Zeng, Hua Lin, Haixiang Li

The emergence and global spread of multi antibiotic-resistant bacteria underscored the need to find new alternative antimicrobial candidates. Graphene quantum dots have received tremendous attention as promising new microbicidal agents owing to their ease of production, excellent physicochemical properties and high biosafety. In this chapter, the synthesis and physicochemical characteristics of graphene quantum dots are reviewed. A recent research progress on their antibacterial activities and the reaction mechanisms are also discussed. Lastly, an outlook on future development of effective graphene quantum dots was suggested with the goal of addressing current limitation and motivating further research on this promising area.

Graphene Quantum Dots, Synthetic Method, Photoluminescence, Antimicrobial Activity, Biomedical

Published online 2/1/2020, 18 pages

Citation: Jin-Chung Sin, Ying-Hui Chin, Sze-Mun Lam, HongHu Zeng, Hua Lin, Haixiang Li, Antibacterial Quantum Dots, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 96, pp 95-112, 2021


Part of the book on Quantum Dots

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