Graphene Nanostructures as Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor


Graphene Nanostructures as Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor

M. Saha, J. Debbarma

The increasing demand for the development of highly selective and sensitive nonenzymatic electrochemical sensors for the qualitative and quantitative analysis of glucose in pharmaceutical, clinical and industrial sectors has gained enormous attention towards the use of graphene and its derivatives. This chapter describes the efficient development of electrochemically active nonenzymatic glucose sensors using graphene and its composites, achieving high sensitivity, stability, low detection limit, wide linear range and reproducibility.

Nonenzymatic Sensor, Electrochemical Detection, Glucose, Graphene, Nanocomposites

Published online 12/20/2020, 40 pages

Citation: M. Saha, J. Debbarma, Graphene Nanostructures as Nonenzymatic Glucose Sensor, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 92, pp 157-196, 2021


Part of the book on Toxic Gas Sensors and Biosensors

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