Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Flow Control Valve

Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Flow Control Valve

DOMAGALA Mariusz, MOMENI Hassan, DOMAGALA-FABIS Joanna, SAEED Bikass, FILO Grzegorz and AMZIN Shokri

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Abstract. Flow control valves are commonly used in fluid power systems. Controlled by proportional solenoid allows to control flow rate irrespective of pressure on inlet or outlet of the valve. Simulation of such valve is complex task due to the usage of throttle and compensating valves inside one housing. This work presents an attempt of using CFD simulation with implemented Fluid Structure Interaction for simulation of flow control valve under changeable working conditions.

FSI Simulation, CFD Simulation, Flow Control Valve

Published online , 7 pages
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Citation: DOMAGALA Mariusz, MOMENI Hassan, DOMAGALA-FABIS Joanna, SAEED Bikass, FILO Grzegorz and AMZIN Shokri, Fluid-Structure Interaction Simulation of Flow Control Valve, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 36-42, 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644901038-6

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