The Influence of Plasma Cutting Parameters on the Geometric Structure of Cut Surfaces

The Influence of Plasma Cutting Parameters on the Geometric Structure of Cut Surfaces

RADEK Norbert, PIETRASZEK Jacek, RADEK Mateusz and PARASKA Olga

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Abstract. The paper presents the results of microgeometry measurements of cut surfaces. The cutting was carried out using a Hypertherm hand plasma cutter. Samples made of copper, 0H18N9 stainless steel and S355E low-alloy steel were the used tests. The current values at which the smallest roughness of the cut surface was obtained for a given material were determined.

Plasma Cutting, Surface Geometric Structure, Various Materials

Published online , 6 pages
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Citation: RADEK Norbert, PIETRASZEK Jacek, RADEK Mateusz and PARASKA Olga, The Influence of Plasma Cutting Parameters on the Geometric Structure of Cut Surfaces, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 132-137, 2020


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