Laser Cutting Methods – Review

Laser Cutting Methods – Review

KURP Piotr

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Abstract. Nowadays, sheet and profile cutting services, including cutting in 3D systems, are a significant part of laser technologies used in heavy industry. Laser welding is also becoming more common, mainly in the automotive industry [1]. Due to high power fiber lasers, it is possible to robotize the process. Surface treatment such as hardening, padding, alloying, etc. also has a small market share in laser services [2-6]. However, laser cutting is still the main laser treatment technology applied by heavy and machine industry. In this paper, the author described laser cutting methods and showed examples of various materials laser cutting using the discussed methods.

Laser Cutting, Wood Cutting, Steel Cutting, Ceramic Cutting

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Citation: KURP Piotr, Laser Cutting Methods – Review, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 120-125, 2020


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