Simulation and Assessments of Urban Traffic Noise by Statistical Measurands using mPa or dB(A) Units

Simulation and Assessments of Urban Traffic Noise by Statistical Measurands using mPa or dB(A) Units


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Abstract. In this paper, some results of heavy vehicle traffic measurements were used to simulate noise measurands by the Cnossos-EU method for this purpose. Heavy vehicle traffic volume and velocity were recorded by a permanent automatic monitoring station. The noise was calculated in octave bands. The results were described using parameters such as the median, average peak noise, average maximum noise, first and third quartiles and relative measures of noise. The values of these parameters were expressed in mPa or dB(A). It was shown that maximum values of the acoustic pressure (mPa) occur for the frequency of f0=500 Hz but of the acoustic pressure level (dB(A)) for f0=1000 Hz. The dispersion of noise and type A uncertainty of the results were evaluated. Depending on the adopted noise unit, different shapes and distribution parameters were obtained.

Urban Noise, Cnossos-EU Method, Heavy Vehicles

Published online , 6 pages
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Citation: BĄKOWSKI Andrzej and RADZISZEWSKI Leszek, Simulation and Assessments of Urban Traffic Noise by Statistical Measurands using mPa or dB(A) Units, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 108-113, 2020


The article was published as article 16 of the book Terotechnology XI

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