Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Databases

Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Databases

KARPISZ Dariusz and KIEŁBUS Anna

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Abstract. The paper presents selected solutions for the implementation of fuzzy logic in industrial databases. Streaming data processing and classification is one of the most important problems in the Industry 4.0 era. The use of a database engine and appropriate design of the data model for the use of fuzzy logic is a response to expectations of the market. Examples of four types of fuzzy attributes are described. The universal fuzzy data model and its implementation are presented in the article for various internal industry information systems.

Fuzzy Logic, Industrial Databases, Manufacturing Databases, Production Engineering

Published online , 8 pages
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Citation: KARPISZ Dariusz and KIEŁBUS Anna, Implementation of Fuzzy Logic in Industrial Databases, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 17, pp 100-107, 2020


The article was published as article 15 of the book Terotechnology XI

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