Tailor-Made Aerogels


Tailor-Made Aerogels

Pallavi Jain, Sapna Raghav, Praveen Kumar Yadav, Dinesh Kumar

This chapter emphasizes modern progress in aerogel researches and its technological implementation. The methods that allow introducing required characteristics in aerogels to meet the necessary requirements in their implementations are given prime attention. The determining factors of aerogels regarding the already present and capable implementation areas are provided in brief. Many customizing techniques like modulating the pore structure, changing the surface, coating of the surface, and post-treatment is described by the outcomes of the last ten years. Regarding the commercial uses of aerogels and its products, an unbroken view of industrial aerogel suppliers is provided and a discussion of plausible substitute sources for raw materials and precursors. Last, the chapter summarizes opinions and potential points regarding the aerogels.

Tailor-made Aerogels, Pore Structure, Surface Coating, Post-Treatment, Technical Implementations

Published online 9/20/2020, 13 pages

Citation: Pallavi Jain, Sapna Raghav, Praveen Kumar Yadav, Dinesh Kumar, Tailor-Made Aerogels, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 84, pp 201-213, 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900994-8

Part of the book on Aerogels I

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