Silica Aerogel


Silica Aerogel

Nidhi Joshi, Ravi Kumar Pujala

Over the last decade, silica aerogels have drawn enormous attention in science and technology due to their porous structure, low density, lightweight, exceptional thermal insulation property, high surface area, low refractive index, and excellent optical properties over conventional materials. Numerous advanced synthetic techniques have been applied to fabricate silica aerogels for their usage in various applications which extend from chemical sensors to thermal insulation system to drug delivery. This chapter presents the synthesis, properties, as well as review of the literature on emerging developments in the area of application of silica aerogels and future prospects.

Aerogels, Silica, Porous, Insulation System, Biomedical

Published online 9/20/2020, 24 pages

Citation: Nidhi Joshi, Ravi Kumar Pujala, Silica Aerogel, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 84, pp 109-132, 2020


Part of the book on Aerogels I

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