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This book focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of various perovskites, garnets, manganites, carbon-based metal oxide nanocomposites, nanoferrites, and graphene-metal oxide nanocomposites.

Magnetic Oxides and Composites II
Eds. Rajshree B. Jotania, Sami H. Mahmood
Materials Research Foundations Vol. 83
Publication Date 2020, 270 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-096-3 (release date October, 2020)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-097-0
DOI: 10.21741/9781644900970

Magnetic oxides have highly interesting applications in the fields of permanent magnets, microwave devices, magnetic refrigeration, sensors, catalysis, and the health sector. This book focuses on the synthesis, characterization, and applications of various perovskites, garnets, manganites, carbon-based metal oxide nanocomposites, nanoferrites, and graphene-metal oxide nanocomposites.

Magnetic Oxides, Permanent Magnets, Microwave Devices, Magnetic Refrigeration, Sensors, Catalysis, Perovskites, Nanoferrites, Manganites, Rare Earth Iron Garnet, Graphene-Metal Oxide Nanocomposites, Carbon Nanomaterials, Mesoporous Materials, Nanocatalysts, Multifunctional Ferrites, Magnetocaloric Effect, Biosynthesis, Photo Catalysis, Antibacterial Activity, High Density Recording Media


Table of Contents

Investigation on Structural, Electrical, Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of
Pr0.67Ba0.22Sr0.11Mn1-xFexO3 Perovskites

K. Snini, M. Ellouze, E.K. Hlil, K. Khirouni

Effect of Al-substitution on Structural and Magnetic Properties of Er3Fe5-xAlxO12 Garnets
Ibrahim Bsoul, Khaled Hawamdeh, Sami H. Mahmood

A Brief Review on Magnetic and Magnetocaloric Properties of La-Type Manganites
Mohamed Ellouze, F. Ben Jemaa, S.H. Mahmood, E.K. Hlil

Graphene-based Materials and their Nanocomposites with Metal Oxides: Biosynthesis, Electrochemical, Photocatalytic and Antimicrobial Applications
Ratiram Gomaji Chaudhary, Ajay K. Potbhare, Prashant B. Chouke, Alok R. Rai, Raghvendra Kumar Mishra, Martin F. Desimone and Ahmed A. Abdala

Synthesis and Antimicrobial Study of Co-Ni-Cd Nanoferrites
M. Raghasudha

Applications of Metal/Metal Oxides Nanoparticles in Organic Transformations
Aniruddha Mondal, S.K. Tarik Aziz, Ajay K. Potbhare, S. Mondal, Trimurti L. Lambat, Ratiram Gomaji Chaudhary, Ahmed A. Abdala

Ameliorating Physical Properties of Co1-xCaxFe2O4 Nano Ferrites for Technological Applications
Ebtesam E. Ateia and M. Farag Shokry

Lithium Ferrites Prepared Differently and its Magnetic Properties
S. Soreto Teixeira, M.P.F. Graça, L.C. Costa, M.A. Valente

Multifunctional Ferrites: Synthesis, Behavior and Biomedical Applications
Amar K. Nandanwar, Kishor G. Rewatkar

Investigation on Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Properties of Copper Substituted Nickel Nanoferrites
Rapolu Sridhar, D. Ravinder, K. Vijaya Kumar, G. Helen Ruth Joice


About the Editors

Dr. Rajshree B. Jotania is a professor of Physics, Department of Physics, Electronics and Space science, University School of Sciences at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, India. She obtained her B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D  from Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India.  She was Junior Research Fellow (DAE-BRNS project) during 1987 to 1989 at Physics Department, Saurashtra University, Rajkot, India. She obtained a few regional, and national awards for  contribution toward scientific research. She worked at National Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India  for two months  as a Summer Visiting Teacher Fellow in 2005 and as a Visiting Scientist fellow in 2011. She possesses 30 years of teaching experience at UG and PG level. She is a member of Board of studies at few Universities of Gujarat, India and a Mentor of DST-INSPIRE (Department of Science and Technology- Innovation   in   Science   Pursuit  for   Inspired   Research) program. She has published more than 100 papers in various research journals and conference proceedings. She has delivered more than 20 invited talks at various DST-INSPIRE Internship science camp in India. She has edited three books entitled ‘Ferrites and ceramic composites’ (Vol. I & II, Trans Tech Publisher, Switzerland) and Magnetic Oxides and Ceramic Composites (MRF, USA).  She has visited Singapore, Malaysia, New York and North Africa for research work. She has attended more than 50 international, national conferences/symposiums/seminars/ academy meeting and worked as a chair person as well as delivered invited talks in a few international and national conferences. She possesses a life membership of eight professional bodies and she has guided six Ph. D, ten M. Phil students. At present few more students are working under her guidance for M.Phil and Ph. D. To date she has completed five research projects of various agencies.  She has worked as deputy co-coordinator, DRS (SAP-I) program. She is an active member of Indian Association of Physics Teacher.

S.H. Mahmood obtained his B.Sc. degree in Physics from The University of Jordan, Amman in 1978, and his PhD degree in Physics from Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan, USA in 1986. Between 1986 and 2010, he was a faculty member at Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, and since 2010, he is a professor of physics at The University of Jordan, Amman.  During his academic career, he was involved in teaching, research, graduate work supervision, and administration. He held the positions of Director of the Center for Theoretical and Applied Physical Sciences, Chairman of Physics, Dean of Science, Dean of Scientific research and Graduate Studies, and Vice President. He published more than 130 articles in peer-reviewed international journals, participated in tens of regional and international conferences, and supervised tens of M.Sc. and PhD theses. He also received several national, regional and international Awards and Honors for Academic excellence and contribution to science. Also, he participated in the management and execution of nationally and internationally funded projects concerned with establishing long-term research programs, new academic programs, capacity building, and curricular development. Additionally, he actively participated as a scientific advisor, and a member of scientific committees and councils of Scientific Research Funds in Jordan, and of editorial boards of international journals.