Wavelength-Resolved Neutron Imaging on IMAT

W. Kockelmann, T. Minniti, R. Ramadhan, R. Ziesche, D.E. Pooley, S.C. Capelli, D. Glaser, A.S. Tremsin

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Abstract. The IMAT project is now well into its commissioning phase, and a user programme for neutron imaging has started on the new instrument at ISIS TS2. The performance parameters for white-beam tomography and energy-dispersive neutron imaging had been determined earlier. Here we report on a further evaluation of the wavelength-resolving imaging options on IMAT, including selection of neutron wavelength bands using disk choppers as well as energy-dispersive Bragg edge imaging using time-resolving detectors. We review the instrument parameters of IMAT relevant for energy-resolved imaging, and present one example of residual strain imaging.

Neutron Imaging, Neutron Radiography, Wavelength-Resolved Imaging, Energy-Selective, Energy-Dispersive, Time of Flight, Bragg Edge

Published online 1/5/2020, 6 pages
Copyright © 2020 by the author(s)
Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: W. Kockelmann, T. Minniti, R. Ramadhan, R. Ziesche, D.E. Pooley, S.C. Capelli, D. Glaser, A.S. Tremsin, Wavelength-Resolved Neutron Imaging on IMAT, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 15, pp 29-34, 2020

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900574-5

The article was published as article 5 of the book Neutron Radiography

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