Three-Dimensional Graphene Materials for Supercapacitors


Three-Dimensional Graphene Materials for Supercapacitors

Gurjinder Kaur, Narasimha Vinod Pulagara, Indranil Lahiri

Three-dimensional (3D) graphene architectures have allured remarkable attention for supercapacitor (SC) applications owing to their highly accessible surface area, low density, structural interconnectivity (micro-, meso- and macro-interconnected pores), excellent electrical conductivity and good mechanical strength. Overall supercapacitance performance of 3D graphene-based SCs has been due to enhanced accessibility of the electrode surface to electrolyte ions, which also provides conductive channels for electron transfer. In addition, 3D graphene structures provide an ideal template for active material decoration. In this book chapter, an intense review on types of three-dimensional graphene-related materials, and their synthesis methods as well as electrochemical performance for SC applications is presented.

3D graphene, Foam, Gels, Spheres, Fibers, Supercapacitors

Published online 12/1/2019, 51 pages

Citation: Gurjinder Kaur, Narasimha Vinod Pulagara, Indranil Lahiri, Three-Dimensional Graphene Materials for Supercapacitors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 64, pp 77-128, 2020


Part of the book on Graphene as Energy Storage Material for Supercapacitors

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