Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Supercapacitor Applications


Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Supercapacitor Applications

K.K. Purushothaman, B. Saravanakumar, S. Vadivel, N. Krishna Chandar, Mohd Imran Ahamed

Flexible supercapacitors are emerging as potential energy storage devices for advanced mobile electronic devices. The gel polymer electrolytes are considered as the potential electrolyte for future advanced flexible electrical energy storage systems owing to their elastic polymeric nature with higher redox capacitance. The use of these gel polymer electrolytes in a supercapacitor system facilitates the reduction in size, reliability, weight, better flexibility and extended operating window with high range of operating temperature. The use of gel polymer electrolytes holds a greater hope for fabrication of new generation mobile electronics. In this chapter, we intend to discuss the advancement in design and types of gel-based polymer electrolyte towards supercapacitor device applications in detail.

Supercapacitor, Flexible Electrode, Composite, Electrolyte, Gel Polymer

Published online 11/5/2019, 14 pages

Citation: K.K. Purushothaman, B. Saravanakumar, S. Vadivel, N. Krishna Chandar, Mohd Imran Ahamed, Gel Polymer Electrolytes for Supercapacitor Applications, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 61, pp 31-44, 2019


Part of the book on Supercapacitor Technology

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