Fe-Based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen-Evolution Reaction


Fe-Based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen-Evolution Reaction

Yanyan Yang, Shasha Li, Xuli Ma, Xiaogang Hao, Abuliti Abudula, Guoqing Guan

Iron is the most common element by mass on the earth, and iron-based catalysts have attracted remarkable attention on account of their low cost as well as high activity. In the water electrolysis process, besides conventional precious metal-based catalysts, iron (Fe)-based materials are also becoming most promising catalysts for oxygen evolution reaction (OER). In this chapter, the states of the art of main Fe-based electrocatalysts, including their preparation methods, performances, and the strategies for the activity improvement are reviewed. In addition, the catalytic mechanisms of Fe-based electrocatalysts are also analyzed for giving insight into the intrinsic active catalytic sites. Finally, future research on how to enhance the performance of Fe-based OER electrocatalysts is discussed.

Oxygen Evolution Reaction, Fe-Based Catalysts, Electrocatalysis, Water Splitting, Mechanism

Published online 10/5/2019, 22 pages

Citation: Yanyan Yang, Shasha Li, Xuli Ma, Xiaogang Hao, Abuliti Abudula, Guoqing Guan, Fe-Based Electrocatalysts for Oxygen-Evolution Reaction, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 59, pp 37-58, 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900451-2

Part of the book on Electrochemical Water Splitting

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