Multiferroics Materials, Future of Spintronics


Multiferroics Materials, Future of Spintronics

I.A. Abdel-Latif

Multiferroic materials are a class of new materials where there is a combination between the ferro/antiferroelectricity, the ferro/antiferromagnetism, and the ferro/antiferroelasticity. The most important applications of these materials are their use in spintronics. Progress in developing new materials with new properties suitable for storage media and spin valve transistors is an important step in the field of magnetic materials and their applications. Magnetoresistive random access memory MRAM is one of the applications of the multiferroics materials. In the present chapter, highlights will be focused on the basic concepts of multiferroics science, technology and applications.

Spintronics, Multiferroics, Spin Valve Transistor, Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory, Rare Earth Manganites, Perovskites

Published online 9/20/2019, 24 pages

Citation: I.A. Abdel-Latif, Multiferroics Materials, Future of Spintronics, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 57, pp 89-112, 2019


Part of the book on Engineering Magnetic, Dielectric and Microwave Properties of Ceramics and Alloys

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