Lead Hexaferrite – A Brief Review


Lead Hexaferrite – A Brief Review

S.A. Palomares-Sánchez, M.I. González Castro, S. Ponce Castañeda

Lead hexaferrite belongs to the family of compounds with the chemical formula MFe12O19 (M = Ca, Ba, Sr, Pb, La). One of the main reasons the lead hexaferrite has not been exhaustively studied is because its magnetic properties are inferior to barium and strontium hexaferrites. Few studies have been carried out after the description of its structure, in 1938; nevertheless, one of its advantages is that it can be prepared at lower temperatures than conventional reported ferrites and it is worth studying its properties when compared with other members of the family. Therefore, this work deals with a brief review of preparation methods, properties and applications of this compound.

Lead Ferrites, Crystal Structure, Preparation Methods, Magnetic Properties

Published online 9/20/2019, 34 pages

Citation: S.A. Palomares-Sánchez, M.I. González Castro, S. Ponce Castañeda, Lead Hexaferrite – A Brief Review, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 57, pp 23-56, 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900390-2

Part of the book on Engineering Magnetic, Dielectric and Microwave Properties of Ceramics and Alloys

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