Advanced Manufacturing under Impact / Shock Loading: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications

Advanced Manufacturing under Impact / Shock Loading: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications

Athanasios G. Mamalis

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Abstract. Trends and developments in advanced manufacturing of advanced materials from macro- to nanoscale subjected to static, lowspeed / high speed / hypervelocity impact and shock loading, with sustainable industrial applications to net-shape manufacturing, bioengineering, transport, energy and environment, defense and safety, an outcome of the very extensive, over 50 years, work on these scientific and industrial areas performed by the author and his research international team, are briefly outlined. The impact of such advanced materials, manufacturing and loading techniques, products and applications on many technological areas, e.g. the manufacturing/machine tool sector, communications / data storage, transportations, health treatment, energyconservation, environmental and human-life protection, is significantand highly beneficial.

Advanced Manufacturing, Advanced Materials, Net-Shape Manufacturing, Biomedical Engineering, Transport, Energy, Environment, Defense, Safety, Industrial Sustainability

Published online 7/30/2019, 12 pages
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Published under license by Materials Research Forum LLC., Millersville PA, USA

Citation: Athanasios G. Mamalis, Advanced Manufacturing under Impact / Shock Loading: Principles and Industrial Sustainable Applications, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 13, pp 13-24, 2019


The article was published as article 3 of the book Explosion Shock Waves and High Strain Rate Phenomena

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