Joining of Dissimilar Metals Using Low Pressure Difference

Joining of Dissimilar Metals Using Low Pressure Difference


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Abstract. In explosive welding, the velocity of flyer plate requisite for joining of two different kinds of metallic sheet is several hundred meters per second. We thought that the velocity would be accomplished easily without explosives. A lightweight projectile, which receives higher pressure on the rear side than front side, goes forward and is accelerated to extremely high velocity, even if the pressure difference is small. Joining should be achieved, when a thin metal sheet attached on the front of the projectile collides with another metal plate fixed on an oblique block. Oblique collisions between several kinds of metal were examined. Examinations of the joint interfaces of this resultant by both scanning electron and optical microscopes find no opening. Detachment at the joint interface did not occur, when tensile forces were applied. Therefore, we regard that the joint interface has sufficient strength.

Metal Bonding, Oblique Collision, Projectile Accelerator, Metal Jet

Published online 7/30/2019, 5 pages
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Citation: Ayumu TAKAO, Ryuichi TOMOSHIGE, Akio KIRA, Joining of Dissimilar Metals Using Low Pressure Difference, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 13, pp 69-73, 2019


The article was published as article 12 of the book Explosion Shock Waves and High Strain Rate Phenomena

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