MXenes for Supercapacitors


MXenes for Supercapacitors

Qixun Xia

As new members of the two-dimensional (2D) material family, MXene have attracted spectacular attentions due to their potentials for electronic, optoelectronic, catalyze, biological, gas sensing, and energy storage applications. In these applications, supercapacitor has been extensively studied, and other applications are also expanding. In this chapter, recent dramatic developments on MXene-based supercapacitor electrode materials, such as single/few-layered MXene, element doped MXenes, MXene-based composites, MXene quantum dots, are highlighted. Furhter, some important progress on microstructure, electrical properties and supercapacitor applications reviewed. Lastly, a brief outlook points out future development direction of MXene applications on supercapacitor devices.

MXene, Supercapacitors, Composites, Electrochemical, Two-Dimensional

Published online 5/30/2019, 38 pages

Citation: Qixun Xia, MXenes for Supercapacitors, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 51, pp 137-174, 2019


Part of the book on MXenes: Fundamentals and Applications

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