Experimental Study into the Torsional Friction between AGV Wheel and Various Floors

Experimental Study into the Torsional Friction between AGV Wheel and Various Floors

Tomasz Bartkowiak, Wojciech Paszkowiak, Marcin Pelic, Adam Myszkowski

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Abstract. This paper presents an outcome of the experimental study into torsional friction between small sized wheels, intended for AGV, while being in contact in three different floors. The dedicated test stand was developed, which allowed testing a wheel while turning at various velocities. Each wheel was loaded via a pneumatic actuator. Turning was performed by parallel mechanism by using a turntable powered by a stepper motor. Nine different wheels were tested at three different turning angular velocities. Linear characteristics were obtained between torque required to turn and normal load, which allowed estimation of the coefficients of torsional friction for each wheel. A clear material hysteresis while turning and returning was observed for most cases. It was found that hardness and wheel geometry play important roles in the torsional behavior under load.

Torsional Friction, Coefficient Of Friction, Hysteresis, Wheel Turn

Published online 5/25/2019, 6 pages
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Citation: Tomasz Bartkowiak, Wojciech Paszkowiak, Marcin Pelic, Adam Myszkowski, Experimental Study into the Torsional Friction between AGV Wheel and Various Floors, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 12, pp 104-109, 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900215-15

The article was published as article 15 of the book Experimental Mechanics of Solids

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