Modeling of Neck Effect in Cylindrical Shell

Modeling of Neck Effect in Cylindrical Shell

Adam Piwowarczyk, Artur Ganczarski

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Abstract. This work presents two models of a neck effect appearing in a cylindrical shell. In the first case, an elastic deformation is described by the conventional shell equation in which axial force appears as an external loading. In the second case, an elastic-plastic deformation including damage effect is described by the kinetic theory of damage evolution implemented to FEM code. Results obtained from both models confirm existence of a distinct displacement, stress and damage localization in the cylindrical shell free from any geometrical or material imperfections.

Neck Effect, Cylindrical Shell, Low Cycle Fatigue

Published online 5/25/2019, 6 pages
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Citation: Adam Piwowarczyk, Artur Ganczarski, Modeling of Neck Effect in Cylindrical Shell, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 12, pp 84-89, 2019


The article was published as article 12 of the book Experimental Mechanics of Solids

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