Nanocatalysts for Direct 2-Propanol Fuel Cells


Nanocatalysts for Direct 2-Propanol Fuel Cells

M. Nacef, M.L. Chelaghmia, A.M. Affoune, M. Pontié

2-propanol is a new fuel source for fuel cells application. Its electrooxidation reaction has been developed in both acid and alkaline 2-propanol fuel cells. The Acid type fuel cell is the older one where platinum electrocatalysts have been widely investigated. More recently, alkaline medium and palladium electrocatalyst were considered as a suitable pair candidate for 2-propanol electrooxidation reaction. The present book chapter is designed to draw a clear picture of the state of the art of direct 2-propanol fuel cell. Thermodynamics aspects of direct 2-propanol fuel cell are presented and a review of catalysts used in 2-propanol oxidation reaction is exposed and especially nanocatalysts are emphasized. This chapter gives a starting point for future research on how 2-propanol would feed fuel cells.

2-Propanol, Nanocatalyst, Electrooxidation, Alcohol Crossover, Platinum, Palladium, Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell

Published online 5/5/2019, 26 pages

Citation: M. Nacef, M.L. Chelaghmia, A.M. Affoune, M. Pontié, Nanocatalysts for Direct 2-Propanol Fuel Cells, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 49, pp 103-128, 2019


Part of the book on Nanomaterials for Alcohol Fuel Cells

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