Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Alcohol Oxidation


Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Alcohol Oxidation

M.Selim Çögenli, A.Bayrakçeken Yurtcan

Carbon is a unique material for utilization in direct alcohol fuel cells as catalyst support material due to its outstanding properties including high surface area and high electrical conductivity, which are the most crucial properties for fuel cell applications. This chapter focused on the carbon-based nanomaterials used as catalyst support material in most studied directs of alcohol fuel cells especially for direct ethanol, methanol fuel cells, and other alcohol fuel cells. The targeted carbon-based nanomaterials include carbon black, carbon nanotubes, carbon gels, graphene, mesoporous carbon, and heteroatom-doped carbon nanomaterials.

Carbon, Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells, Ethanol Oxidation, Methanol Oxidation, Nanomaterials

Published online 5/5/2019, 78 pages

Citation: M.Selim Çögenli, A.Bayrakçeken Yurtcan, Carbon-Based Nanomaterials for Alcohol Oxidation, Materials Research Foundations, Vol. 49, pp 1-78, 2019


Part of the book on Nanomaterials for Alcohol Fuel Cells

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