A Glimpse on 65 Years of Passion-driven Work for Bamboo

A Glimpse on 65 Years of Passion-driven Work for Bamboo

Walter Liese

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Abstract. My first contact with bamboo took place in 1951, when shortage of timber for the coal mining industry in West Germany led to the idea to use bamboo as pit props. However, they failed under axial load. In 1952, pioneering the use of the electron-microscope for cell wall structures, bamboo was also tested. These photos excited a visiting Indian wood preservation expert, since structural knowledge might improve the preservative treatment of bamboo culms. So, in 1957, I went to India for 4.5 months as an FAO expert to improve methods for bamboo preservation. This mission was followed by consultancies in about 25 countries, strongly supported by laboratory research. Results were published in about 110 bamboo-related papers and 6 books as author or co-author. The latest publication from 2016 contains chapters on structures, properties and uses of bamboo. At the age of 93 I am still enjoying the discussions with bamboo colleagues worldwide.

bamboo, structures, protection, utilization, international projects

Published online 4/20/2019, 7 pages
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Citation: Walter Liese, A Glimpse on 65 Years of Passion-driven Work for Bamboo, Materials Research Proceedings, Vol. 11, pp 62-68, 2019

DOI: https://doi.org/10.21741/9781644900178-2

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