By-Products of Palm Trees and Their Applications, color print, paperback


The book focuses on the utilization of palm by-products in the following areas: Wood Alternatives and Panels, Sustainable Energy and Fertilizers, Bio-Composites, Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Fiber, Paper, and Textile, Food Applications, Design and Architecture.

By-Products of Palm Trees and Their Applications
ByPalma 2018
Eds. Hamed El-Mously, Mohamad Midani, Mohamed Wagih
Materials Research Proceedings Volume 11
Publication Date 2019, 356 Pages
Print ISBN 978-1-64490-016-1 (release date May 20th, 2019)
ePDF ISBN 978-1-64490-017-8
DOI: 10.21741/9781644900178

Palm by-products represent an economical resource for the sustainable development of rural areas in many countries of the world. The book focuses on the utilization of palm by-products in the following areas: Wood Alternatives and Panels, Sustainable Energy and Fertilizers, Bio-Composites, Biomedicine and Biotechnology, Fiber, Paper, and Textile, Food Applications, Design and Architecture.

Palm by-products, Palm Trees, Wood Alternatives, Sustainable Energy, Fertilizers, Bio-Composites, Biomedicine, Biotechnology, Fiber Technology, Paper, Textiles, Oil Palm Trunks, Palm Wood, Bamboo Wood, Buildings in High-risk Seismic Regions, Fiberboard Manufacturing, Palm-Oil Biodiesel, Charcoal Production, Compost Production, Date Palm Trees Mulch, Husk Fibre Reinforcing Material, Embryogenic Callus, Textile Palm Fibers, Coconut Residue, Protein from Date Waste, Printed Palm Leaflets


Table of Contents (all papers are OPEN ACCESS / click on any title to see the full abstract and PDF)

Rediscovering Date Palm by-products: an Opportunity for Sustainable Development
H. El-Mously

A Glimpse on 65 Years of Passion-driven Work for Bamboo
Walter Liese

The Use of Oil Palm Trunks for Wood Products
Fruehwald Arno, Fruehwald-Koenig Katja

Wood, Bamboo and Palm Wood – Similarities and Differences in Research and Technology Development
Johannes Welling, Walter Liese

Innovative Bio-composite Sandwich Wall Panels made of Coconut Bidirectional External Veneers and Balsa Lightweight Core as Alternative for Eco-friendly and Structural Building Applications in High-risk Seismic Regions
González Oswaldo Mauricio, Barrigas Hua Lun, Andino Nathaly, García Andrés, Guachambala Marcelino

Medium Density Fiberboards from Date Palm Residues a Strategic Industry in the Arab World
Hamed El-Mously, M.Saber

Evaluation of Palm Fiber Components as Alternative Biomass Wastes for Medium Density Fiberboard Manufacturing
Abdel-Baset A. Adam, Altaf H. Basta, Houssni El-Saied

Scenarios of Palm-Oil Biodiesel in the Mexican Transportation Sector
Jorge M. Islas S., Genice K. Grande A., Fabio L. Manzini Poli

A Study of the Potentiality of use of Siwei Palm Midribs in Charcoal Production
Maysa Muhammad, Hamed Elmously

Palm Secondary Products as a Source of Organic Material for Compost Production: Applied Examples from Egypt
Mohamed Mahmoud Mohamed Ahmed

Production of Biochar from Date Palm Fronds and its Effects on Soil Properties
Mohamed A. Badawi

Application of Date Palm Trees Mulch as a Bedding Material for Dry Heifers, Part 2 –Preparing the Bedding Materials
A.O. Elashhab, M.W. Sadik, M.K. Zahran

Effect of Natural Additives as Coconut Milk on the Shooting and Rooting Media of in vitro Barhi Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.)
H.S. Ghazzawy, S.F. El-Sharabasy

Evaluation of Coconut (Cocos nucifera) Husk Fibre as a Potential Reinforcing Material for Bioplastic Production
Omoniyi A. Babalola, Abel O. Olorunnisola

Enhancement of the Mechanical Behavior of Starch-Palm Fiber Composites
H. Megahed, M. Emara, Mahmoud Farag, Abdalla Wifi, ‎Mostafa El. Shazly

Effect of some Micro-Elements on Steroids Production from Embryogenic Callus of in vitro Date Palm Sakkoty and Bartamuda Cultivars
Sherif F. El sharabasy, Abdel-Aal W. B., Hussein A. Bosila, Bayome M. Mansour, Abdel-Monem A. Bana

Steroids Production of Embryogenic Callus Cultures of Date Palm under the Effect of Vitamins (Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Nicotinic acid) Thiamine Hydrochloride and Myo- Insitol
Sherif F. El sharabasy, Abdel-Aal W. B., Hussein A. Bosila, Bayome M. Mansour, Abdel-Monem A. Bana

Effect of Murashige and Skoog Salts Strength Medium (MS) on Steroids Production and Total Amino Acids Content of Date Palm Embryonic Callus (Sakkoty and Bartamuda cultivar)
Hussein A.Bosila, Sherif F. El sharabasy, Abdel-Aal W. B., Bayome M. Mansour, Abdel-Monem A. Bana

The Effect of Some Micro-Elements on Free Amino Acids, Indols and total Phenols Production from Embryogenic Callus of Tow Date Palm Cultivars (Sakkoty and Bartamuda)
Sherif F. El sharabasy, Abdel-Aal W. B., Hussein A. Bosila, Abdel-Monem A. Bana, Bayome M. Mansou

Effect of Vitamins (pyridoxine and nicotinic acid), Thiamine-Hcl and Myo-Inositol at Different Concentrations on Free Amino Acids and Indoles Content of Embryogeinic Callus of in vitro Date Oalm (Sakkoty and Bartamuda Cultivar)
Sherif F. El sharabasy, Hussein A. Bosila, Abdel-Aal W. B., Bayome M. Mansour, Abdel-Monem A. Bana

Investigations on the Effects of Cement Replacement and Calcium Chloride Addition on Selected Properties of Coconut Husk Fibre-Reinforced Roofing Tiles
Abel.O. Olorunnisola, Anthony .O. Adeniji

Textile Palm Fibers from Amazon Biome
Lais Gonçalvez Andrade Pennas, Ivete Maria Cattani, Barbara Leonardi, Abdel-Fattah M. Seyam, Mohamad Midani, Amanda Sousa Monteiro, Julia Baruque-Ramos

Adsorption of Methylene Blue onto Chemically Prepared Activated Carbon from Date Palm Pits: Kinetics and Thermodynamics
A.M. Youssef, H. EL-Didamony, M. Sobhy, S.F. EL- Sharabasy

Chemical Composition and Pulping of Tunisian Almond and Fig Stems – A Comparison with Tunisian Date Palm Rachis
Ibtissem Moussa, Ramzi Khiari, Ali Moussa, Mohamed Farouk Mhenni

New Technologies for Value Added Products from Coconut Residue
Navin K. Rastogi

Production of Single Cell Protein from Date Waste
Mohamed Al-Farsi, Alaa Al Bakir, Hassan Al Marzouqi, Rejoo Thomas

Design for Enhancing Material Appreciation: An Application on the Palm Tree Midribs
Alaa El Anssary, Nariman G. Lotfi

The Technical Heritage of Date Palm Leaves Utilization in Traditional Handicrafts and Architecture in Egypt & the Middle East
E.A. Darwish, Y. Mansour, H. Elmously, A. Abdelrahman

Using Printed Palm Leaflets in Modern Crafts according the International Fashion Trends
Heba Mohamed Okasha Abu Elkamal Mohamed Elsayegh

About the Editors

Dr. Hamed El-Mously, Ain Shams University, Egypt
The Legendary Professor Dr. Hamed El-Mously, is an Emeritus Professor at the Faculty of Engineering – Ain Shams University, Egypt. Dr. El-Mously is recognized as the founding father of Date Palm by-products research and development, and one of the warriors of sustainable development of local communities. He received numerous prestigious awards for his work, such as Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agriculture Innovation 2013. El-Mously has been working on projects aiming at developing local communities in all villages of Egypt, by applying developing projects using their local resources since 1995. Projects include production of blockboard, parquet, and arabesque from palm midribs, production of non-traditional animal feed from agricultural residues, production of organic fertilizers from pruning-products of date palms, doum palms, and mango trees, and production of fig jam. El-Mously contributed in the foundation of several research and societies:
• Small Industries and Local Technology Development Center.
• The Egyptian Society for Endogenous Development of Local Communities.
• Network of Fiber-Plastic Composites, Tree-Free Wood Innovation.
• Network, Foundation for Renewable materials Research, Technology and Applications.
• He is a member in several strategic consulting and scientific committees’, Ain Shams
• University. He obtained the Ph.D. from Metal Cutting Machine Tools Institute, Moscow
• The International Palm By-Products Association (under registration)

Dr. Mohamad Midani, German University in Cairo, Egypt
Dr. Mohamad Midani is an Assistant Professor in the Materials Engineering Department at the German University in Cairo, he is also the CEO of inTEXive Technical Consulting, and he serves on the advisory board of Middle East Co. for Textiles. His research mostly focuses on natural fibers and natural fiber composites, and he is the inventor of the proprietary long micro-fibrillated date palm midrib fibers. He teaches courses on Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites as well as New Product development and Innovation Management. In 2016, Dr. Midani received a recognition for excellence in teaching from NC State University. Dr. Midani has his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Ain Shams University, MT in Textiles Technology and Management, and Ph.D. in Fiber and Polymer Science from the College of Textiles NC State University. He is a member in the Product Development and Management Association (PDMA), as well as the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME).

Mohamed Wagih, Ain Shams University, Egypt
Mohamed Wagih is a Teaching Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering: Department of Design and Production Engineering, Ain shams University since 2013. He was awarded his Master of Science degree in the field of date palm midrib processing. He worked as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University and the American University in Cairo. He participated in several projects related to light harvesting, date palm residues processing, and acoustics and vibrations measurements. He has a good experience in the field of teaching, and design and manufacturing of machines. He published one patent and four papers from these projects and his M.Sc.thesis.